9 Tips for Attending Virtual Trade Shows

The Covid-19 pandemic disrupted a lot in 2020, including heavy equipment, construction, and agricultural trade shows and expos. Most events were canceled, rescheduled, or transitioned to a virtual format. As we enter 2021, the slow but steady distribution of a vaccine has given us hope about a return to equipment trade show normalcy. What does that mean for conventions and conferences?

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11 New Year’s Resolutions for Equipment Operators in 2021

2020 was full of unexpected — and not always pleasant — surprises. But by setting and keeping some key resolutions in the New Year, we think 2021 could be a great year for construction, agriculture, warehouse, and other workers. Here are Equipment Trader’s 11 New Year’s resolutions for equipment operators in 2021: 

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11 Holiday Gifts for Construction Workers

11 Holiday Gifts for Construction Workers

There’s so much pressure over the holidays to give gifts that are both thoughtful and actually useful. That’s why Equipment Trader has made it easy to shop for your favorite construction worker by putting together 11 holiday gifts for construction workers

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Maintaining Equipment in Colder Weather

11 Tips for Maintaining Equipment in Colder Weather

As we head into the winter months, it’s time to prepare your equipment for colder weather, especially if your area will see snow and ice (if it hasn’t already). Fortunately, there are specific changes to the maintenance routine for your heavy equipment that can help optimize your machinery’s performance all year long. Here are Equipment Trader’s 11 tips for maintaining equipment in colder weather

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7 Types of Lifting Equipment to Add to Your Wishlist

The holidays are here, and while it’s nice to receive presents from others, there’s only one person who can give you exactly what you need for your work: you! Looking to gift yourself or your business a piece of lifting equipment this season, but don’t know what to look for? There are thousands of aerial lifts and forklifts for-sale and for-rent on EquipmentTrader.com, but it can be hard to know what type of equipment works best for your work. To help introduce you to the main types of lifting machinery, just in time for gift shopping, here are 7 types of lifting equipment to add to your wishlist

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Destroying Burnt Turkeys with Heavy Equipment

There’s nothing worse than burning the turkey on Thanksgiving Day. You’re upset, your spouse yells at you, the in-laws judge you, and all the kids are “hangry.” Wouldn’t it be nice to let off some steam by absolutely obliterating that charred bird? Here are our favorite methods for destroying burnt turkeys with heavy equipment:

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5 Tips for Road Construction Safety

We’re getting closer to Halloween, when we enjoy being a little scared by creepy costumes and horror movies. However, while those thrills are innocent enough, very real dangers can appear at your worksite, especially if you work in road construction. Here are Equipment Trader’s tips for road construction safety: 

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How to Rent a Forklift

Do you need a forklift but don’t currently have one? Maybe you’ve received an unexpected shipment to your business – and it’s too heavy to unload by hand. Perhaps you own a forklift, but it’s down for repairs. Maybe you’re just starting a business and you need a forklift now.

Whatever your situation is, if you’ve never rented a forklift before, you probably have some questions. Fortunately, this post will give you all the information you need to make an informed decision:

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Building Better Jobs: 6 Ways to Boost Recruitment & Retention

Even as the nation continues to struggle with high unemployment due to the COVID-19 pandemic, construction firms are still grappling with the ongoing labor shortage and recruitment shortfall. Over 80% of construction firms are having difficulty filling salaried and hourly craft positions.1 This leads to firms asking employees to work longer hours, struggling to meet deadlines, facing higher costs for new work, and turning down new projects.2 The stress this puts on overworked employees subsequently harms retention rates. For every 1 worker who enters the workforce, it’s estimated that 5 skilled employees are retiring.3 

It’s clear that construction has both recruitment and retention problems. So what can be done? Equipment Trader has collected 6 ideas for construction firms to improve the worker experience in order to boost retention and recruitment:

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13 Farming Superstitions You Need to Know

Farming is an ancient art. As an occupation that has existed for thousands of years, agricultural folklore has lingered through the centuries and is still followed by many in the industry today. In the spirit of Halloween, we’ve collected 13 farming superstitions you need to know:

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