Social Media Etiquette for Business

Many businesses, small and large, use social media outlets as a way to enhance their business by connecting and engaging with current and prospective customers. Social media allows businesses to create a community around their company to share products & services, trends, ideas and generate leads.

Although, it is important to share engaging content with your audience, there are some Do’s & Don’ts to remember when posting.

Do: Choose an outlet that will support your marketing goals. Not all platforms will be beneficial to your business.

Don’t: Feel it’s necessary to have a page on every social site. It is more effective to have one or two social pages performing well than to have several outlets that are difficult to manage.

Do: Add personality by sharing general company announcements and community involved activities.

Don’t: Share personal views and/or opinions on controversial subject matter.

Do: Include photos and videos in your posts. Make sure when posting you always link the videos and photos back to your web page.

Don’t: Forget to establish a connection between your social media outlet(s) and your company’s web page, blog or other resources to gain additional exposure.

Do: Share content from other sources.

Don’t: Forget to give credit when sharing images and information generated by another source.

Do: Use hashtags in your post. Trending is a marketer’s dream.

Don’t: Overuse hashtags. Make sure to limit them to 2 to 3 key phrases. Ensure to understand social media terminology, research may be required for specific hashtags and acronyms.

Do: Stay engaged with your audience. Share content, such as industry news and trends, and blog posts that are relevant to your business.

Don’t: Ignore comments and feedback whether negative or positive. Also, don’t delete negative comments unless they’re profane. You will lose authenticity.

Keeping these simple Do’s & Don’ts in mind along with a well planned social media calendar of great and engaging ideas will help you drive traffic to your growing business #happyposting.

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