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There is an ever-increasing demand from consumers to have ample amounts of information at their fingertips. We’ve previously outlined social media Dos & Don’ts. Today, we’ll take a look at how else you can keep your business visible to customers. From search engine results to business listings, there are several key details one should remember:

Organic search is all about the tagging and content
In a consumer’s search term query, organic search results will comprise most of what they will find. Organic search results are one of the best, quickest, and least expensive way for a business owner to get to the consumers. Emplace title tags, meta tags, and header tags, which are all key pieces of information that are found in the HTML code and should be unique to your business. Remember; content and context are hugely important. Your website should be filled with content that is descriptive and contains audience-specific key words that a potential consumer will be searching for.

Paid search has proven results that can work for you
Would you be surprised to find out that out of every search query you perform, there is more than likely a company bidding on specific keywords, with hopes to have their ads be displayed to you on your search result pages? Every day companies spend millions of dollars for pay-per-click ads. These ads are highly targeted and extremely effective ways to drive traffic to your site and be the first search result a consumer sees. For smaller independent businesses, you do not have to have an enormous budget to start utilizing these services. Google AdWords is free to setup and campaigns and budgets can easily be paused, changed or removed.

Don’t forget about free listings
Google Places for Business, Bing Places for Business, Yahoo Local Listings, Yellowpages, Yelp, and many more are great, FREE resources that every business should be utilizing. In most cases, there is a free basic listing that a business can submit their information to. With these listings completed, they can increase your business’s chances of being more visible to potential consumers.

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