Track What Matters

*Be sure to check out our new post about Rethinking Leads in a Changing World!!

Phone calls, emails, and walk-ins are each important leads for a dealership. With buyers becoming more technology savvy and conducting more research on their own, it’s important that the highest quality experiences are provided. We’ve previously outlined the importance of direct follow-ups. But how do you know what really works when it comes to developing your leads?  If you aren’t measuring or tracking lead information, then you can’t analyze, compare results, or make the most informed decisions possible about your sales strategies. So how can you track leads??

Equipment Trader has deployed the use of trackable metrics throughout our site. Phone leads have traditionally been difficult for dealers to measure on their own, so we offers trackable phone numbers for buyers to connect with dealers. These numbers are dealer-specific and are strategically placed on our site, including on the search results page and on your individual vehicle listings. By maximizing exposure, we increase the odds of buyers giving you a call on this trackable number.

How can a trackable phone number help you?? Data is received from the dealer-specific number and stored in Equipment Trader‘s Inventory Management Tool (IMT), under the “Phone Lead” section. Here you can see all of your phone leads received within a given time period. This provides important insight into peak call times, total calls answered-vs-unanswered, average number of rings before calls were answered, duration of the call, and the caller’s name, phone number, state, and zip code.

That information is helpful enough on it’s own to help develop leads! But another valuable feature is the “Play” button. This button enables you to listen to each phone call and provide coachable training for your staff about customer service and up-selling.

Making informed decisions based on trackable data from Equipment Trader will help you work smarter, make improvements faster, sell confidently, and stay one step ahead in lead development and closing sales!

*Be sure to check out our new post about Rethinking Leads in a Changing World!!

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