How to Capture Both Planners & Reactors

An interesting buyer segmentation that we’ve noticed is that there are two types of buyers: those that plan and those that react. They are two very distinct buying groups that often operate differently.

Planners are usually bidding on a job or contemplating the purchase of replacement equipment, while reactors are encountering an unplanned situation that calls for an immediate equipment solution. Our job, as equipment dealers, is to effectively get in front of both types of buyers.

Being successful with planners calls for us to develop good relationships with them. We need to present them with all of the information that they need to make a good decision, and they need for the sales rep at the dealership to be available to answer questions and provide guidance. This starts with creating online unit listings that are robust in their descriptions, provide good photos and give as much technical spec information as possible. Remember, the planner is going to take his/her time and evaluate your products based on your online listings long before they contact you. If you don’t provide good information, they’ll rarely call you.

The other buyer group that is important to our sales is the reactors. They operate much differently than planners, and we need to recognize this and treat them differently. This time of year is the beginning of the snow removal season in a large part of the U.S. It would seem that the occurrence of snow in December wouldn’t come as a surprise to people, but it does. We see a large spike in snow removal searches right after the first big snowfall.

A successful strategy for capturing the reactor buyer is to update your listings descriptions to fit the seasons and conditions. In the winter, make sure that your skid steer descriptions include reference to snow removal capabilities. Also, beef up your snow plow attachments with excellent photos and descriptions. Reactors buy quickly and require a lot of immediate information. By the time they call you, they’re often ready to buy. You’ll miss a good number of these easy sales if you don’t have good photos and descriptions that appeal to this type of buyer.

Being successful with both planners and reactors is simply understanding how they think. Knowing that will help guide the presentation of your equipment to these very different buying groups.

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