Start from Somewhere

Regardless of trade – whether you’re a general laborer, project manager, or engineer – we all started from somewhere. You may have heard it said, “What you do today determines who you’ll be tomorrow.” Our opportunities for future success often spring from our past behavior. This is why it is important to start strong, and to continue to learn from every experience along the way. You never know which moment might lead to future opportunity, so give every job, every client, every task your very best. That has been our philosophy at Equipment Trader since the beginning.

“We started 20 years ago at the beginning of the Internet, before Google was a thing, and we didn’t know how any of this [web based solutions] would transpire,” said Lori Stacy, President of Equipment Trader. “But, ultimately, we were focused on building a strong foundation for our customers, and our core principle from day one has been to bring buyers and sellers together.”

Working hard, staying focused, and trusting your experience is key to maintaining a business and to becoming an industry leader. At times you may have to take risks and, as with any gamble, there will be the possibility of loss or reward. However, a firm foundation – built on a strong start and continued learning – will help you make the smart choices to lead your business, and the industry, into the future.

Every expert was once a beginner. And while a little luck may always be needed in business, true success is pursued and earned. Start strong. Believe in your products. Passionately provide for your customers. Never stop learning and growing. That’s how we’ve found success at Equipment Trader. We all started from somewhere; let’s keep growing together!!

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