Anatomy of a Business

In a recent employee newsletter, Lori Stacy, President of Equipment Trader, outlined her thoughts on a business and how critical it is that all parts work effectively together, to ensure customers needs are met. “If one part is not working properly or at the necessary level, it impacts the entire system. I see a business much like the human body” said Lori.

Customer Service is the heart of any organization. The customer is the core of any business and customer service’s role is to make sure they succeed.

Marketing is the eyes, ears and mouth. They watch the competition, listen to the marketplace and are the voice to the industry, the consumers, and the customers.

Sales are the limbs. They are the feet on the street and the arms who reach out to the customers. They keep a business moving.

Product Development/Information Technology are the bones. They are core to a business’s momentum and the structure of what holds it together.

Finance/ Admin/ Operations are the brain. They check everything as it is in motion, ensure good decisions are made and that processes support a business’s movement.

Together, every group needs to move in unison and give every bit of effort to support, not just their own responsibilities or the efforts of their department, but the entire business. If there is a broken arm or a weak heart valve, it slows down the entire group.

A successful business is sound in body and mind, as well as have a great growth strategy for the future making sure every single piece of the anatomy continues to give 100% every day.

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