Building Culture

The term “company culture” gets thrown around negligently. It’s like, “I ordered P90X, I work out!” But did you actually take it out of the box? A company can claim to have culture but it doesn’t mean they know the first thing about what makes their employees happy.

According to Harry Flaris, Vice President of Sales for Equipment Trader, a company culture has two key players – management and peers.

Management – From a management perspective it’s crucial to show your employees appreciation. This could be as simple as stepping away from the confines of your office door to say hello or good morning to your staff. Additionally, and not to be confused with appreciation, shower your hard workers with recognition. I don’t care who you are, everyone likes to be recognized for doing a job well done. However, not every employee is going to knock it out of the park every day so being completely transparent and honest with them can go a long way. Lastly, or at least for the purpose of my character limit, promoting empowerment is vital in any workforce. It shows that you trust the people you’ve hired.

Peers – Trust is actually really important from a peer perspective, as well. You need to trust your manager but you also need to trust your teammates. How? By fostering mutual respect. Be an active listener, engage in open communication, and ask for feedback to assist in your own growth. Peer feedback is just as important as managerial feedback. Peers can have a different perspective, so be open to it.

Above all, and this relates to both managers and employees, be accountable. Admit to mistakes and be open to opportunities where you can learn and grow. Nobody’s perfect. No organization is perfect. But there are certainly specific practices a company can implement to foster a positive work environment. A healthy employee culture is one of those.

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