A Business Deserves the Best

Being able to take ownership of the small details, like acknowledging when a coworker went out of their way to help you, is extremely important. The small details are beneath no one.  Often times, businesses concentrate only on the larger, more “significant,” profitable aspects and assume that this is what will garner success.

However, a business needs to focus on several other key details to truly thrive. In today’s demanding, fast-paced environment, you must move quickly and be decisive. This means you must trust yourself, trust your decisions, and don’t show hesitation.

Manage with an emphasis on teamwork. Working together to achieve a common goal pools together each individual’s talents and strengths. Working together and having accountability throughout an organization go hand-in-hand. This allows a team to advance more quickly, become more effective, and increase the overall value of the team.

Just as a machine must run with well oiled parts, a business must run with a low tolerance for dysfunction and poor performance. One team member seeing another not pulling their own weight is a top pain point in the workplace. This frustration can reflect poorly on management when proper steps aren’t taken. Never settling for just “good enough” and establishing a constant drive for improvement develops high standards and sets the stage for success.

In addition, listening to the customer’s voice is one of the most important aspects of a successful  business. Customers are honest and transparent. In this era, where the customer determines how, when, and what is being marketed to them, it’s important that their voice is heard. “There’s more to a business than just profit and loss, it’s about the lives of people” says Ricardo Porter, General Manager of Commercial Web Services. “Our employees and their families. Our customers and their families. Our business deserves the best, because all of those lives deserve the best.”

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