Building a Community

Houses are built, roadways are paved, and buildings are erected every day. But building a community isn’t quite so literal. To build a community is to embrace that community. Garrett Holden, President of MT Carter Contracting, understands that more than anyone. The company was created in honor of a fallen friend, Mark Carter. Mark was deployed with SEAL Team Six to Iraq when he lost his life fighting for our freedom. Mark gave his all, to our country and his team, and MT Carter Contracting uses his legacy as their continued inspiration.

“We strive to mimic Mark’s diligence and determination when working with our customers, no matter the job size,” says Holden. “He fought for his country and fully embraced his community – a selfless, hard-working mindset that has become the cornerstone of MT Carter Contracting.”

MT Carter employees understand the meaning of the company’s name and their obligations to uphold the standards of the organization. They know that they are working in Carter’s honor and that his ultimate sacrifice made that possible.

Each and every one of us are part of a larger whole. Just like a successful individual often relies on the people around them, a successful business is part of the larger community around them. It’s not about erecting houses, it’s about creating homes and memories for generations of families to come. It’s not about laying asphalt, it’s about paving the way for new opportunities and allowing others to start on the path to their own destiny.

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