Knowing Your Audience

Know your audience” is such a broad phrase.  If you are talking to a marketer, it relates to acknowledging consumer identities, often through a variety of fancy metrics. If you are talking to a project manager, it may mean recognizing the work ethic and skills of employees at a job site. Regardless of your profession, knowing your audience can be a daunting task with so many different types of individuals in the world, each with their own unique style of communication.

This following video helps explain the significance of social styles.  When interacting with varying personality types, it’s important to assess the best way to communicate with them in order to make a sale or complete a project. After the video you can find some helpful graphs for different cross-personality communication!!

Driver Communicating With a ….

Driver Analytical Amiable Expressive
– Use your natural style

– Don’t let egos clash

– Be prepared for a tough sell

– Answer questions

– Provide more facts than you think necessary

– Encourage evaluation

– To close, be firm but polite and allow for adequate evaluation time

– Slow down

– Give support and assurances

– Don’t stress variables or alternatives

– Make decision easy and reassure the decision

– Be open and friendly

– Take time to socialize

– Show personal benefits and recognition to persuade the Expressive

Analytical  Communicating With a ….

Driver Analytical Amiable Expressive
– Don’t try to be impressive with excessive facts

– Concentrate on high points

– Appeal to ego

– Keep control

– Be friendly

– Present both sides

– Close earlier than you feel comfortable doing

– Be friendly and earn trust

– Slow down on facts

– Avoid too many details

– Conclude with assurances

– Be friendly and fun

– Sell to person not the features

– Don’t bog them down with too many details

Amiable  Communicating With a ….

Driver Analytical Amiable Expressive
– Be yourself, but confident

– Recognize an aggressive style

– Don’t be intimidated

– Get to the point sooner and more forcefully

– Answer questions confidently

– Give the facts they want

– Refuse to let their perpetual skepticism discourage you

– Will relate well with each other

– Don’t get too comfortable


– Accept the openness and friendliness

– Don’t bog them down with details

– Appeal to their personal ego

Expressive Communicating With a ….

Driver Analytical Amiable Expressive
– Be formal and to the point

– Don’t joke or waste time

– Avoid being apologetic

– Don’t feel rejected by possible bluntness

– Be sure to focus on commitment to action

– Be factual

– Don’t try to impress with your importance

– Don’t bluff answers

– Be direct and confident after all questions are answered

– Earn their trust

– Don’t overly socialize

– Give plenty of support material

– Give assurances and testimonials

– Be polite and reassuring

– Don’t compete for recognition

– Stick to business


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