Visual Beings

Back in my days at Liebherr, I’d have customers calling complaining about photos we used in our marketing materials.  They’d get mad if the pieces of equipment looked “too clean” or “too photoshopped”. They wanted to see dirt and grit and action shots. We live in such a visual world. Media plays a big part in that, especially the Internet and the use of social media. With sites like Pinterest that allows followers to redesign their homes or man caves, or snapchat that provides a variety of wacky filters, our society has become reliant on a visual process. I feel like referencing Liebherr and Pinterest in the same paragraph is a crime against humanity.

Folks live in such a photo-centric world where feeds filled with artsy shots of tonight’s dinner or documentation celebrating every (and I mean every) moment of their vacation have become the norm.Never underestimate the power of a photo or how visual our culture has become.

How does this relate to the Equipment Industry? If you’re a dealer trying to sell a piece of equipment, it’s imperative that you showcase photo after photo – interior, exterior, action shots, etc. Even if you’re not a dealer and you’re selling a piece of equipment or a vehicle, photos are non-negotiable. We have empirical data that proves that listings (on the Internet) that include photos, perform 6 times better than those without. Think of photographs as being a site visitor’s virtual test drive.

In no way is this post recommending that you include a puppy filter or geo filter to your photos.  But with our ever evolving technology, a world that is clearly stimulated by visual aids, it only reinforces that need of being fully optimized for this graphic rich world. And who knows, maybe they’ll create an “add some dirt” filter soon enough.

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