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To build a 2,400 square foot house, you would need at least 5,226 standard bricks. Abiding by the industry standard for residential construction, you would also include one 2×4 board every 16 inches. Then you need to add at least one concrete pump truck, excavation equipment, several rolls of blueprints, and numerous hours of manual labor. Clearly, building a house requires lots of material, lots of equipment, and lots of hard work.

But to the family that will eventually live there, all the material and equipment and work doesn’t matter nearly as much as having a home. A cozy window seat for bedtime stories is more important than bricks and boards. A backyard for playing fetch with the dog is more important than post-hole diggers and fences. A kitchen populated by friends and family is more important than hours of wiring and plumbing.

Material quality, equipment efficiency, and professional craftsmanship all have value. But what gives our work greater importance is helping families create homes, entrepreneurs start businesses, and communities grow in size and service to their citizens. This broader perspective should inspire us to not just do our work, but do our work well, with the intent of empowering our neighbors and communities to follow our lead. Yes, we operate businesses that build houses, repair roads, and supply other services; that is work to be proud of. But we also provide homes, connect people, and serve the community; that is a greater legacy.

Let’s keep laying the legacy of work well done for our neighbors and communities, one brick at a time.

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