Innovation With Purpose: CONEXPO Recap

On March 7-11, the Equipment Trader team attended the biggest CONEXPO-CON/AGG expo ever. With approximately 3,000 exhibitors gathering to showcase the newest innovations in construction equipment, technology, products, and services, their booths and presentations stretched a record 2.8 million square feet. It was an exciting (and possibly exhausting) walk for attendees who numbered close to 128,000!!

First, just a reminder that we were there! We met new dealers and loyal Equipment Trader customers, handed out color-changing cups (think Hypercolor shirts, circa 1991), magnetic chip clips, and you may have even seen one of our sales reps doing some “street magic!” CONEXPO is the largest construction trade-show we attend and we loved getting to see so many of you there!

Now, let’s talk about that 3D printed mini-excavator! How cool was that?!? It’s the first large-scale use of steel in 3D printing. We watched the excavator dig right through the dirt and give an impressive glimpse into the potential of 3D printing in equipment manufacturing.

Interactive displays were a common theme at the 2017 Expo. The new Tech Experience exemplified this experience by offering a futuristic preview of the technological, infrastructure, and workforce developments that are expected to transform the industry. Remote operation and virtual reality caught our eye, providing unique safety advantages for workers at all kinds of job sites.

Mike Rowe, the producer and host of the Dirty Jobs TV show, was a featured speaker at the Tech Talk forum. During “Lessons from the Dirt,” Rowe highlighted the importance of taking the convention’s excitement and information back to renters and buyers, so they really understand the advantages offered by equipment innovations to their own lives and businesses.

CONEXPO emphasized giving back this year with approximately $100,000 awarded in an AEM crowdsourced competition – “Complain, Dream, and Build” – in which contestants developed groundbreaking infrastructure advancements. An additional $100,000 was raised for veterans through a variety of events, including an awesome and exhilarating concert from the classic rock band Foreigner.

CONEXPO-CON/AGG, co-implemented with the IFPE, only happens once every three years, so the next convention will return to Las Vegas, March 10-14, 2020. You should definitely attend; hopefully, we’ll see you there!!

What was your favorite part of CONEXPO?? Let us know in the comments below!!


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