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Dynamic leaders seem to effortlessly inspire employees, guide organizations to success, and even revolutionize industries. However, most of us are kept busy with day-to-day deadlines, weather delays, machine malfunctions, or just filling out an invoice correctly the first time. So how, you ask, do you develop a leading voice in your own life, business and industry when you’re already hard at work? Read on!

Manage Yourself: Being exhausted isn’t impressive. Pulling your hair out isn’t a good look. And while being stretched thin might look better than a beer-belly, in practice it will likely impair your productivity. The best leaders are busy, for sure, but they’re also mindful about their work. Developing an acute awareness of your priorities, time, and abilities gives you a voice of inner guidance that helps you lead yourself toward success.

Consider Namihei Odaira, who co-invented Japan’s first 5-horsepower motor while he was working as a section chief at a mine. That innovation led to the creation of Hitachi in 1910, which today is a worldwide leader in motorized equipment manufacturing. Odaira stayed busy, yet his success wasn’t found in being overworked, but in purposeful management of his time and abilities.

Motivate Your Employees: To have good rapport with your employees, you’ll need clarity, accountability, and empowerment to give your voice authority. The best leaders clearly communicate expectations and ensure their followers are put in optimal positions to succeed. Finding specific ways to earnestly demonstrate values of employee inclusion and growth will definitely be noticed and will give you a leading voice in your business.

Did you know that the civil engineering firm Bechtel implements a massive training program that not only prepare workers for their current job, but also allows them to develop skills that will help them find work when the company demobilizes and exits the community? Investment boosts effort, a principle Bechtel has recognized on the road to becoming America’s largest contractor.

Master Your Field: Innovators understand their field’s foundational principles, historical progress, and future industry goals. Listening and learning – from past and present industry leaders, employees, and consumers, will help you establish a comprehensive and unique perspective -a voice you can now project to lead the industry.

For example, when Volvo wanted to break into construction, they partnered with manufacturing leader Bolinder-Munktell (BM). By leaning on the proven traditions and strategies of BM, Volvo gained industry knowledge and were able to create their own initiatives for innovation. Today, Volvo helps lead the construction industry into the future of technology and design.

Developing a leading voice isn’t easy. It doesn’t happen overnight. However, putting in consistent effort each day to reflect and learn can help you establish a dynamic perspective and a leading voice in your life, your business, and your industry.

What leadership qualities and practices are important to your business model?? Let us know in the comments below!!


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