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It’s crazy how fast time flies. Twenty years ago, a movie ticket cost under $5, the average price for a new car was $16,000, boxer Mike Tyson was in the ring biting ears, and, at 21 years old, Tiger Woods had just become the youngest golfer to ever win the Masters. Equipment Trader – formerly Equipment Trader Online – has also come a long way in the past 20 years and continues to lead the industry in buying, selling, renting, and researching equipment.

“We’re very excited to make the transition to Equipment Trader. While the name may change, our commitment to serving our customers remains as strong as ever,” says Lori Stacy, CEO of Trader Interactive. At Equipment Trader, we deeply appreciate the foundation that has been laid in the past and highly anticipate how we’re growing into the future:

  • A Fresh Look: We’re the same reliable brand you know, just with a refreshed name, website, and appearance!
  • Improved Features: We are committed to innovation, so we’ve added advanced search filters, faster load times, color coded categories, and more – all to connect buyers and sellers more effectively!
  • A Leading Voice: Our blog has shifted into high-gear, so follow us for more tips, industry information, and general musings about equipment dealing.

The current blog series, “Built By The Journey: 20 Things We’ve Learned in 20 Years,” has allowed us to share with you some of the lessons we’ve learned throughout our time. Lessons like:

  1. We All Start from Somewhere: What you do today determines who you are tomorrow. Establishing a firm foundation through hard work and focus lets you take the risks that lead to success.
  2. The Anatomy of A Business: Heart, senses, limbs, bones, and brain – in different roles and departments, your business has all of these parts. Each of them is necessary and impacts the entire system.
  3. Building Culture: Every business has a culture, including yours. To actively shape this environment, a business must consider the perspective of both managers and employees.
  4. A Business Deserves the Best: A business’s success or failure can impact many lives, from employees to customers and the family members of both. This makes decisiveness, teamwork, accountability, and high standards vastly important.
  5. Building A Community: In remembrance of a fallen soldier, M.T. Carter Contracting was created to honor Navy SEAL Mark Carter’s determination and sacrifice for his community. Building a business community is about uniting employees on a foundation of shared purpose.
  6. Know Your Audience: In business, you come across a wide range of personality types. Recognizing distinct social styles can help you best communicate with all the various people you meet in the industry.
  7. Share Your Passion: Whether you were born to build or built into the industry, a constant passion for construction overlaps all aspects of our lives and shapes us into who we are today.
  8. Digital Importance: Digital technology is revolutionizing every aspect of our lives and industries. From online advertising to equipment’s new ability to integrate GPS analysis, keeping up with technology will be important for your business’s success.
  9. Social Presence: It seems like everyone is on social media, but not every business embraces it as a useful tool. Many assume that customers aren’t on social media or that their followers aren’t actual customers. We address these misconceptions and more.
  10. Kids Say The Darndest Things: Need a laugh? Us too! Even with an industry as serious as equipment, we can count on our children to lighten up any day or project. Here are some of the funniest memes about kids and equipment!
  11. Visual Beings: Exciting visualizations are necessary to capture attention and increase engagement. A buyer being able to visualize themselves using a product, from operating a forklift to digging with an excavator, can really finalize the purchase.
  12. Our Buildings Shape Us: We clearly shape our buildings – we plan, construct, and use them. But they shape us too. The size, shape, and style of buildings can be inviting, intimidate us, or suggest importance.
  13. Supporting Your Community: Building a house culminates in more than a job well done; it creates a home. The work we do fills an important role in society. Recognizing that contribution inspires us everyday on the job.
  14. Overcoming Obstacles: How does a Navy SEAL overcome obstacles? We asked a veteran – one who spent a career orchestrating POW rescue plans – how he’s overcome obstacles in his life. You know the answer is going to be intense!
  15. Resilience: Do you bend or break under pressure? To develop resilience in times of stress, it will be important to prepare for disruptions, recover, and grow from your experiences.
  16. Lemons into Lemonade: Life is filled with lemons- do you know how to make lemonade? We learn important lessons about positivity, resourcefulness, and communication from a builder who had a broken window on their very first day!
  17. Be Groundbreaking: Throughout history, revolutionary innovations have rarely been the initial goal of industry leaders. True breakthroughs come from sticking a shovel into the ground, grinding out progress, and solving problems along the way.
  18. Journeys & Destinations: Are lessons learned on the journey more important than the destination, or does the destination make the journey worth it?
  19. Develop A Leading Voice: Dynamic leaders seem like they can do it all. By managing yourself, motivating your employees, and mastering your craft, you too can develop a leading voice in your life, business, and industry.
  20. Looking Forward: Thank you for taking this journey of the past 20 years with us. We’ve added a fresh paint job to the website – and a whole lot more horsepower! – but Equipment Trader is still the great, reliable brand you know.

We hope you’ll join us in learning more lessons on the journey of the next 20 years and beyond. What do you think of our refreshed look?? Let us know in the comments below!!


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Ethan Smith

Ethan is a Content Curator for Trader Interactive, serving the commercial brands Commercial Truck Trader, Commercial Web Services, and Equipment Trader. Ethan believes in using accessible language to elevate conversations about industry topics relevant to commercial dealers and their buyers.

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