Raiders Roll Dice On New Vegas Stadium

This spring, the Oakland Raiders received official approval from the NFL to relocate to a new city. Even if you don’t follow football, you probably heard about the move since the city is Las Vegas and they’ll be building a brand new stadium with a price tag of $1.9 billion. That’s billion with a ‘B.’ Today we’re digging into the construction specs of this enormous project.

The Blueprint: The stadium is expected to seat 65,000 fans, with the ability to increase to 72,000. Those fans will have quite a view – the stadium will boast a sleek glass-domed roof, giant glass walls, and northside retractable doors that face the famous Vegas strip. Some other blueprint details include:

  • Parking for up to 8,000 cars. Who’s ready to tailgate!?
  • Preconstruction preparations to widen roads, adjust traffic flow, extend the monorail, and build a pedestrian bridge over I-95.
  • Expected completion: June 2020 – a very ambitious timetable!

The Manpower: An estimated 3,000 to 4,000 construction workers will be on-site each day, with an additional 2,000 daily subcontractors. These will be builders of all sizes and origins – including maybe even you and your business!

  • The stadium is only one of many other upcoming projects in Vegas, so additional out-of-state workers will be needed.
  • An apprentice program is expected to be integrated into the workforce.
  • State legislation requires 15% of subcontractors to be small businesses.

The Speed-Bumps: Aside from the mountains of paperwork yet to be completed (always the most tedious part of any job!), there is potential risk of a worker shortage. Many builders left Las Vegas due to the Great Recession so there could be competition for builders between this very large project and concurrent projects. Some other challenges may include:

  • The immense amount of power needed to build and then run the stadium.
  • Concerns about drainage, flash floods, and the stability of soil foundations.
  • Water and sewage lines that need to be installed or upgraded, which may be difficult so close to Route-95.
  • Various aspects of construction could be complicated by enforcement of numerous regulations by local, state, and federal agencies.

This is an enormous project and, unless you’re from Oakland, it’s pretty exciting! The stadium plans are very impressive, although it will take a lot of hard work and innovation to make it happen. If you have a chance to be part of the action, we recommend you take it – and then send us updates (and photos) of how it’s going! Or, better yet, invite us to visit you in Las Vegas!!

What do you think of the Las Vegas Raiders stadium project?? Let us know in the comments below!!


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