Upgrading Mayberry: Digital Ads Bring Business Into the Future

Some days we may wish for simpler times, like those in Mayberry, but business is no longer as easy as opening the doors to your dealership and waiting for customers to arrive. Success now requires utilizing your computer or smartphone to take full advantage of opportunities to develop leads online, using emerging and innovative methods. Digital advertising in an online marketplace is a smart way to keep your business growing by meeting millions of buyers where they are – the Internet.

Did you know 85% of shoppers research a product online as the very first step of the purchasing process?? We can hold on to the sense of honest community and sweet simplicity that we remember from those old black-and-white sitcoms, but it’s time to bring our advertising into the 21st Century!!

Ryan Goodwin, VP of Product for Equipment Trader, reminds us that today “the average American spends over three hours a day on their smartphone.” It is very likely that the people looking for equipment are doing initial research on their mobile devices. When looking to sell your products, use vendors whose websites are not only easy to use on computers, but also on smartphones and tablets. In such a competitive market, Goodwin emphasizes that “being visible to your audience” on the devices and websites they use, like Google and Facebook, is “the key to success.”

Whether on a desktop or mobile, many buyers know exactly what kind of equipment they want, but can have trouble finding those products due to naming differences across manufacturers, models, and even geographic regions. It’s best to list your inventory on portals like Equipment Trader that offer advanced category, specification, and location filters to more easily guide customers to your products, providing an enhanced experience for both dealers and buyers.

Finally, by increasing the number of potential buyers for your equipment, online marketing can help you avoid settling for lower prices on machines that you typically struggle to sell. “With digital advertising,” says Goodwin, “originally hard-to-find niche markets are gaining visibility.” When consumers can easily find equipment and relevant details from dynamic online listings, such as those on Equipment Trader, you dramatically expand your range of leads and sales for both standard and non-traditional equipment.

It can be hard work to keep your business a lean, mean, dealing machine. According to Goodwin, keeping up with current consumer trends and adapting behavior to satisfy emerging needs and preferences is the smart work done by industrious, growing dealerships. It is important to incorporate digital advertising into your marketing strategy, as it helps you meet your customers where they are and fulfill their needs in innovative ways. So grab your computer or mobile device and get to selling! Once business is booming, you can whistle all the way down to the river!

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