Equipment Trader’s Top 5 Articles of 2017

Wow. It seems like just yesterday that we were wrapping up 2016, and now here we are marking the end of 2017!! It’s been a big year here on the Equipment Trader blog — actually it’s been far-and-away our biggest year ever!!

We went from writing just a few posts in 2016, to this year publishing a post every single week, earning tens of thousands of views!! We cannot thank you enough for contributing to this huge success by following us here on the blog, and also on Facebook and Twitter.

To celebrate such a great year, we’re taking a look back at Our Top 5 Articles of 2017!! Take a look, and be sure to catch-up on any articles that you may have missed!! And leave a comment – which 2017 blogpost was your favorite??

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The Top 5 Articles of 2017

Used 2

5.     8 Quick Tips for Buying Used Equipment

Used equipment is great, but how do you find the machine that’s right for you?? From inspections and technology to cost-estimates and warranties, here we broke down the purchasing process with 8 Quick Tips for Buying Used Equipment!!

Hydraulic crusher excavator backoe machinery working on site demolition

4.     4 Big-As-F Reasons to Buy Used Equipment

Shiny new equipment is tempting, but the best option might be an older machine. In this article, we took a look at 4 Big Reasons to Buy Used Equipment – and, yes, they all began with the letter F!!

Lonely Construction

3.     3 Solutions for Combating the Skilled Labor Shortage

Young adults increasingly say they won’t enter construction, no matter how much they would be paid. Here are 3 ways you can attract new employees to your business and combat the skilled labor shortage!!

two skid steers moving dirty outdoors

2.     How to Evaluate Used Equipment Before Buying: Inspecting the Machine

The most important step in buying any used equipment is to learn as much as you can about the machine, from it’s past use to the dealer selling. In this blogpost, we detailed what should go into Inspecting the Machine!! 

Bertha Cutterhead

1.     Bertha Dismantled After Record-Breaking Dig

In one corner, weighing in at 8,000 tons, with a cutterhead height of 57.5 feet, and a machine length of 326 feet, Big Bertha!! In 2017, our readers fell in love most with the world’s biggest “earth pressure balance boring machine,” which has now been pulled apart.

Well there you have it – Our Top 5 Articles of 2017!! Again, we appreciate each and every one of you for making Equipment Trader’s blog into the success that it is. Thank you. We’ll keep providing you great content about buying and selling equipment in 2018. In the meantime, check out any blogposts you may have missed, and leave us a comment – which 2017 article was your favorite??


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