The Technology That’s Revolutionizing Construction

News stations were buzzing earlier this week when SpaceX successfully launched its Heavy Falcon rocket into space, marking “the first time a rocket this powerful has been sent into space by a private company,” according to the New York Times. The launch was also notable for its side boosters, which once detached from the rocket, flew back down to the launch pad, instead of falling apart as has been typical in NASA launches. But while reporters fawn over spaceships that might one-day be useful, there is futuristic technology currently on construction job-sites that is altering the industry in innovative and revolutionary ways. In this post, we’re breaking down some of the Technology that is Revolutionizing Construction!!

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1. Robotics: Construction is a labor-intensive industry with a worker shortage, making it an obviously attractive field for robotics developers. We’ve previously discussed how 3D-Printing is making major breakthroughs that benefit building projects. Worksite are also likely to soon see autonomous vehicles and machinery. And the industry has already been introduced to SAM, the Semi-Automated Mason that can lay bricks 6 times faster than a human. Already, these advancements are completely changing the modern worksite.

2. Virtual & Mixed Reality: Virtual and mixed reality technology is not far away from becoming necessary for construction training and working. Virtual reality simulations are very effective for providing new workers with training well before they ever set foot on a job-site. And soon, most job-sites will equip at least some of their workers with mixed-reality hard-hats, which place clear digital screens in front of the user’s eyes, allowing the user to view the real world and virtual images – of blueprints or pressure readings, for example – at the same time.

3. Drone Imaging: Construction drones have proven to be exceptionally effective in mapping sites and creating two- and three-dimensional images, from which builders can plan and supervise projects. As software programs continue to develop, we’re heading toward a future in which every project begins with surveying completed by a construction drone.

4. Data Integration & Analytics: Construction Equipment predicts that 2018 will be the year that companies put sensors on everything, from boots and hard-hats to vehicles and tools, in order to integrate data from every point possible. Once collected and analyzed for connections, businesses can find new opportunities to holistically maximize efficiency on the worksite.

The news stations might not be paying attention, but construction is transforming and advancing the industry, one worksite at a time, with increasing pace. When even forklifts are becoming futuristic, it’s time for workers and equipment dealers alike to pay attention and prepare for a future when they are working with – or buying and selling – such cutting-edge technology. Clearly, with innovative technology that is revolutionizing the industry, construction is launching its own future.


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