Rumbling, Car-Crushing Good Times at Construction Theme Parks

Ever wished you could hop on a dozer or excavator, and then just do whatever the heck you wanted?? Yeah, us too, and you can at heavy equipment theme parks throughout the country!! Diggerland USA, Dig This, and Extreme Sandbox are shaking up the amusement park industry with construction attractions that cater to individuals, families, bachelor/bachelorette parties, and corporate team-building trips alike! That sounds pretty awesome, so today we’re digging into Construction Theme Parks!!


Where are construction parks?

What can you do at construction parks?

At construction-themed amusement parks, you and your friends, family, or coworkers can operate all types of heavy machinery, from backhoes and dozers to excavators and loaders. Just getting to drive such powerful machines is fun enough, but the thrills really kick in when you begin to navigate obstacle courses, dig for treasure, use excavators to bowl or to play basketball, flip and stack massive tires, harvest a field, and — the main attraction — smash the heck out of an unsuspecting car!! Construction parks also offer equipment-less challenges, like ropes courses, scavenger hunts, and rock walls.

Diggerland USA takes things a step further by actually turning some pieces of equipment into thrill rides, including the Spin Dizzy (an excavator with seats installed in an extended bucket to take passengers on a dizzying spin) and the Greased Beast (a dump trailer with seats installed in the rear hopper section to simulate a dump).

With simple activities and engine-roaring challenges, construction parks offer earthmoving, destructive fun for individuals, families, friends, and parties; experiential learning for students, recruitment efforts, and continuing education training; and team-building opportunities for corporate and professional organizations.

How much do construction parks cost?


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