Tips for Buying Heavy Equipment Online

COVID-19 has the majority of the country staying at home. If you had been interested in buying heavy equipment, the quarantine might have put a damper on your plans — but in today’s world, it really doesn’t have to. With all of the technology to which we have access, buying machinery is still possible with minimal in-person contact. So, are you still looking to buy? Despite the stay at home orders, it’s still possible with a few easy tips.

Check out our quick tips for buying heavy equipment online:

●  Determine Your Budget – When looking for machinery, the first step you need to take is to look at your budget. What kind of funds are you working with? There are a wide range of budget options for every buyer and whether you’d like to buy new or used, Equipment Trader has an option for you.

●  Decide on Type – There are tons of options out there when it comes to equipment, so you’ll need to determine what type of machinery fits your work and what exactly you’ll be using it for in the future. You may also decide that renting equipment is the right choice for you.

●  Do Your Research – Most shoppers start their search for heavy equipment by using a search engine, but you may also go directly to online equipment classified sites such as Equipment Trader, where you can conduct research on different types of machinery, see different price ranges, and check out a wide variety of OEMs and dealers. When you’re in the search phase, remember that it’s okay to browse and gather any information that you feel is relevant. Take notes to remember features that you like, read through the unit’s descriptions, and check out all of the photos and videos you can to get a feel for the equipment. Don’t forget to utilize Equipment Trader’s “MyTrader feature to save your favorite listings and searches, and to get notified about new listings or price drops.

●  Connect With the Seller – Once you’ve seen a unit that you’re interested in, reach out to the seller by phone, email, or chat to see additional photos, or to set up a video chat or virtual walkthrough if available. Dealers are eager to help you find the right machinery for you, and through virtual meetings through apps like Zoom or Facetime can provide a complete tour of the unit you’re interested in, without even stepping foot on their lot. Use the video chat appointments to ask questions and take notes while the dealer guides you through the unit.

●  Purchase – There’s nothing like finding the perfect equipment that gets the job done. When you think you are ready to make your final purchase decision, you have the option of setting up an appointment with the dealership to view and purchase the unit (while keeping social distancing in mind) or you can have the dealer come to you (if available). Many dealerships are offering virtual buying options such as conducting financing entirely online, offering to deliver documents to sign in person (at a safe distance), and equipment delivery options where the seller will bring your machinery directly to your business or jobsite.

Social distancing doesn’t mean all purchasing has to stop, everyone just has to get more creative to stay safe during the process. Looking to buy equipment of your own? Start your search on Equipment Trader today.


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Emily Brown

Emily is a Content Curator for Trader Interactive, largely serving the recreational brands RV Trader and Cycle Trader. She strives to provide dealers with practical insights they can use to help reach their business goals.

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  1. I would add one very important note. Be VERY weary of buying any heavy equipment on craigslist or ebay!!!! You wont believe the scams they have. Bottom line, if you cant see the machine in person or they say they will drop it off for you to decide (lets say 5 days) they will already have your money before the machine gets there if it ever does. I was told via text that the seller just got a divorce and was an airline sturdest and she could not be there to show the skid steer so she would use a company to deliver the machine for my evaluation and the money would be held in an escrow account. Of course it was all a lie. I almost lost $12k. Also if it sounds to good to be true it probably is. So please be careful. Scammers are very clever and believable. Another scam is the scammer will ask you to send gift cards of equivalent money. Unfortunately if you do send them, your money will be all gone (yes my wife fell for that).

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