11 Holiday Gifts for Construction Workers

There’s so much pressure over the holidays to give gifts that are both thoughtful and actually useful. That’s why Equipment Trader has made it easy to shop for your favorite construction worker by putting together 11 holiday gifts for construction workers

1. Bluetooth Hearing-Protection Earmuffs.

Noise-cancelling earmuffs now come equipped with Bluetooth technology, so they not only protect hearing but also allow for workers to listen to audio from their smart devices.

2. Gift Card for Self-Care.

Construction can be back-breaking work – sometimes literally. If the construction worker in your life is a significant other, you can give them an IOU for free massages. If they’re more of a friend, see if any covid-safe chiropractors are open in your area and get them a gift card for some professional relief.

3. Heated Clothing.

Keep your favorite construction worker comfortable in the winter months on the worksite with long-lasting, heat-adjustable jackets, hoodies, gloves, and boots.

4. Dual-Port Car Charger.

With busy, unpredictable, and often travel-heavy schedules, dual-port car chargers are a great gift to keep personal and work devices charged, helping keep workers in touch with the office or family at home.

5. Maxiflex Gloves.

Don’t just provide a new pair of gloves – invest in gloves that use micro-foam to provide lightweight breathability, are form-fitting for maximum comfort and dexterity, and provide enhanced grip with nitrile coating.

6. Portable Work Light.

Flashlights are a thing of the past now that you can wrap up cordless, rechargeable work lights which can last for hours and are able to attach to a wide range of surfaces. These allow laborers to easily work when the sun isn’t up or lighting is otherwise unavailable.

7. New Tool Bag.

Easy access to tools is a must for every construction worker, and new tool bags are not only maximized for flexibility and durability, they’re also often lightweight and stylish.

8. Hard Hat with Sports Team Logo.

Help the construction worker in your life celebrate their favorite sports team with a new hard hat that proudly displays the team’s logo or mascot for all to see.

9. Mobile Device Protective Case.

Mobile technology is increasingly common on the jobsite, but those devices are still relatively fragile. Heavy duty cases for smartphones and tablets help protect against drops, scratches, water, and dust.

10. Waterproof Pens/Pencils & Notebooks.

Writing can become a hassle in outdoor work environments, so keep life easy with waterproof writing tools, including pens, mechanical pencils, and notebooks.

11. Lunch Box/Cooler & Thermos.

Insulated lunch boxes and coolers can keep food fresh in the summer and winter. Look for a lunch pack that is leak-proof and comes with a matching thermos.

Conclusion: Our nation’s construction workers work so hard to build up our homes and communities, and they deserve the best during the holidays. We hope our list of gift ideas has inspired you to find something great for the construction workers in your life. And if you’re looking for your next piece of heavy equipment, check out all the new and used machinery available for-sale and for-rent on EquipmentTrader.com.

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