• Product News & Trends: Introducing The Dealer Center

    The product team has been preparing the past few months for the launch of the IMT replacement called the “Dealer Center”.  We have been hard at work developing a new experience that will benefit from a new cloud-based… Read More

  • Product News & Trends: New Search Results Design Coming Soon!

    We recently ran a test of 3 new designs for Search Results on EquipmentTrader.com. The 3 different versions ran concurrently, each running 30% of the site traffic, so we could compare the designs and determine which one converted… Read More

  • Product News & Trends: Equipment Trader Data Enrichment

    We’ve begun extending the data available on Equipment Trader by matching year, make, & model to specific Manufacturer data sets.  This extension will provide additional specs and standard features for the piece of equipment.  We are only doing… Read More

  • Product News & Trends: Equipment Data Upgrades

    Some of you may have noticed that some of your listings on Equipment Trader now feature extended specification data.  We are working with a number of Equipment OEMs to provide richer data to our Visitors to help with… Read More

  • The Accountability Chain

    You have been through the scenario before.  Your sales people make their business plans, you review them together, and six months later, nothing has happened!  They are doing all of the things they did the year before!  All… Read More

  • Careful What You Wish For!

    One of the comments I get from dealers on a regular basis is “I wish we had all the brands!  I could really sell some equipment!” The reason the title to this article is “Careful What You Wish… Read More

  • UTM Codes – Tracking Visitors from us to you!

    A way that websites notify one another of where traffic is coming from is through the use of something called a “UTM code”.  This is passed along in the URL when someone clicks on a link.  Then software… Read More

  • Product News and Trends: More Upfit Manufacturers!

    We have recently added models for Supreme, CM, Harbor, & Rugby.  We’re also adding a “standard” model which will list standard features for that type of body for those instances where we’re not sure what model a body… Read More

  • Connectors

    For years researchers and trainers have been trying to discover why some salespeople are so successful. Some have tried to prove sales skills are the key reason while others say it is the ability to prospect.  Numerous other… Read More

  • Equipment Trader News: Better Map To Dealership Is Coming!

    In the next week or so, we will be upgrading our map-to-dealership interface.  This upgrade will update the map provider as well as ask for a bit of information.  Visitors clicking the Map link will be asked if… Read More

  • “Land a Man on the Moon” Goals

    NASA (National Aeronautics and Space Administration) was a newly formed organization in 1958 with the expectation of doing great things beyond the bounds of earth. They were embarrassed when the Soviet Union launched the first orbital satellite, Sputnik,… Read More

  • Extended OEM Specifications coming to Equipment Trader!

    We’ll soon be providing some extended specification data to your listings on Equipment Trader.  This will similar to a VIN decoder in the sense that if you select a make/model combination we have data for, we’ll pre-populate a… Read More

  • Fixed Ops Management is Vital

    Having a manager whose main focus is absorption rates is necessary for dealerships. It’s so easy to lose points if there isn’t someone constantly keeping an eye on the ball. The main key to growing fixed ops is… Read More

  • Cost Per Lead

    In prospecting for new customers there are many ways to target.  Three important measures successful companies use to evaluate the effectiveness of any successful marketing campaign are “cost per prospect,” “cost per lead,’ and “cost per sale.”  Let’s… Read More

  • Project Re-engagement

    All work and no play makes our developers a little uneasy, so we have also been busy with other more ‘fun’ projects, most notably our re-engagement efforts. Generating qualified leads for a our dealers is the cornerstone of… Read More

  • It Doesn’t Have to be Cold Out There!

    I still get in heated discussions by commercial sales consultants who tell me they started their careers cold calling and it was how they built their business.  That does not mean it is the best method to grow… Read More

  • Uncertainty in the Economy Can be Good for Your Rental Business

    With all of the upheaval in Washington right now, I’ve heard from many dealers who say that they’re nervous about what all of this mess is going to do to the construction industry. Some dealers aren’t particularly concerned,… Read More

  • IMT Mobile 2.0

    IMT Mobile 2.0 is reaching the end of its field testing. Here are some highlights of new functionality in this app : Push notifications for phone and email leads! Basic reporting. Video, photo upload. Upfit support. VIN Scanning…. Read More

  • The Right Stuff!

    The movie “The Right Stuff” was the story of the early jet test pilots and the first seven astronauts selected by the NASA space program for the Mercury project.  The courage and tenacity of these pioneers is a… Read More

  • Co-op Advertising Creates Enormous Advantages for Equipment Dealers

    It still surprises me when I come across a franchise dealer who is not fully utilizing his co-op advertising funds. To me, it’s the same thing as throwing half your paycheck in the trash. Co-op funds are earned… Read More

  • Next Steps

    There is a quote we have all heard for years, “If you are not growing, your dying.”  I don’t know if you are dying but I do know that after having consulted with and trained hundreds of dealerships… Read More

  • Vendor, Partner, or Friend?

    I recently made my first visit to a dealership that wanted to set up a commercial department.  The owner and general manager wanted to know what it was going to take to get started. They were surprised by… Read More

  • Mexico Still Represents a Sales Opportunity for Equipment

    There’s no doubt that relations with Mexico are strained right now. This past political cycle has spooked both manufacturers and dealers alike. There’s a great deal of uncertainty in what’s going to happen with policy and tariffs. Although… Read More

  • The Future of Commercial Vehicle Sales

    It is the end of the year, time for every commercial department to push the Section 179 Tax Code, get rid of old inventory and start planning for one of the most important New Years the commercial and… Read More

  • Capture Both the Planners and the Reactors

    An interesting buyer segmentation that we’ve noticed is that there are two types of buyers: those that plan and those that react. They are two very distinct buying groups that often operate differently. Planners are usually bidding on… Read More

  • End of the Year Opportunities

    The end of the calendar year can be a goldmine for commercial and fleet sales if sales consultants understand all the opportunities that exist to both accelerate and increase sales before the end of the year. Let’s look… Read More

  • Big Months for Construction Equipment Sales

    Over the past three years, we have seen a sharp uptick in construction equipment purchases in December. It’s the time of year when a business’s accountant wants the owner to take advantage of the tax code. Dealerships that… Read More

  • Starting Right in Commercial

    A brand new sales consultant called me last week who was excited about his new position as an outside commercial sales professional but was given very little guidance from his dealership. With no direction he began searching the… Read More

  • Thriving During a Market Slowdown

    There’s no question that while some areas of building construction and maintenance have seen rapid expansion, other sectors continue to be stagnant. The Great Recession is largely over, but recovery has come somewhat slower for our industry than others and the economy, even as it grows, will have normal cycles with ebbs and flows. The smartest dealerships can actually continue to grow market shares during down times. You can, too!!

  • Newly Designed Virtual Showroom

    Commercial Truck Trader and Equipment Trader Online are proud to announce the extensive and impressive updates we have completed to the Virtual Showroom. These updates will be accessible to our dealers with Inventory Management Tool, as well as potential… Read More

  • IMT Enhancements

    With a new season comes new updates! We are proud to announce the release of Commercial Truck Trader and Equipment Trader Online’s Inventory Management Tool enhancements. Below you can find all of the great additions and features that… Read More

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