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In prospecting for new customers there are many ways to target.  Three important measures successful companies use to evaluate the effectiveness of any successful marketing campaign are “cost per prospect,” “cost per lead,’ and “cost per sale.”  Let’s look at all three terms and then talk about the most effective ways to gain new customers. Read More

When someone says “It’s not about the destination, it’s about the journey,” I can’t help but think that they’ve never journeyed on a crowded airplane next to that over-sharing stranger who insists on popping personal bubbles, or in front that kid who never stops kicking the seat. Or I figure that they’ve never basked in the sun at a destination beach, sipping on a rum & Coke out of a coconut. A lot of times, it’s the destination that makes the journey worth it. Read More

As he became the first person to walk on the moon, astronaut Neil Armstrong spoke the now-famous words, “That’s one small step for man, one giant leap for mankind.” While NASA was busy designing new technology for the space race, they were inadvertently creating many products that are now common here on Earth – solar energy, water filters, even invisible braces! Branch Rickey, a Hall of Fame baseball manager, would often say “luck is the residue of design.” Sometimes, groundbreaking innovations happen by mere accident, but more often, they are the product of problem-solving and hard work. Here are a few cool breakthroughs in equipment and construction: Read More

Every job has lemons. Subcontractors don’t show up, deliveries go wrong, or a piece of equipment breaks down in the final hour. Some days it feels like you’re standing in a field of lemon trees! And we’ve all heard the phrase “When life give you lemons, make lemonade.” But without sugar, ice, and a pitcher, putting this phrase into literal action would produce nothing more than sour, warm, and sticky liquid spilt across your table. What does this mean for you and your business? Read More

What happens when you’re put under a lot of stress? Do you bend or break? Here are 3 easy tips to develop your resilience for the times when immense pressure bears down on you: Read More

Don’t expect this blogpost to be reminiscent of an inspirational meme that includes clouds and flowers and ridiculous idioms about obstacles related to boxes of chocolate. Nope. Not here. Not today. Read More

On March 7-11, the Equipment Trader team attended the biggest CONEXPO-CON/AGG expo ever. With approximately 3,000 exhibitors gathering to showcase the newest innovations in construction equipment, technology, products, and services, their booths and presentations stretched a record 2.8 million square feet. It was an exciting (and possibly exhausting) walk for attendees who numbered close to 128,000!! Read More

I still get in heated discussions by commercial sales consultants who tell me they started their careers cold calling and it was how they built their business.  That does not mean it is the best method to grow sales, at the time most sales consultants had no formal training on how to properly grow the business. I am not against cold calling. In fact, when I am in the field with sales consultants and we are on an appointment call, I will always ask this question: “Mr. Prospect, thanks so much for taking the time to meet with us, your time was appreciated. Could I ask one more question? Do you happen to have a relationship with any of the businesses around you?” If the prospect says yes, I ask “Would you mind if we dropped in just to leave a business card and mention that we had just met with you?”  They always say yes! Now your next call becomes a warm call since you have a referral source! Read More

A raging fire, with flames reaching upwards of 40 feet, ignited Thursday evening underneath a northbound bridge on Interstate 85, a major roadway near downtown Atlanta, causing the overpass to collapse. Read More

With all of the upheaval in Washington right now, I’ve heard from many dealers who say that they’re nervous about what all of this mess is going to do to the construction industry. But some dealers remain unconcerned, because they know that businesses can still grow by focusing on products and services that align with customers new needs and concerns. Focusing on your rental business is one smart way to accomplish this. Read More

To build a 2,400 square foot house, you would need at least 5,226 standard bricks. Abiding by the industry standard for residential construction, you would also include one 2×4 board every 16 inches. Then you need to add at least one concrete pump truck, excavation equipment, several rolls of blueprints, and numerous hours of manual labor. Clearly, building a house requires lots of material, lots of equipment, and lots of hard work. Read More

The movie “The Right Stuff” was the story of the early jet test pilots and the first seven astronauts selected by the NASA space program for the Mercury project.  The courage and tenacity of these pioneers is a testimony to the human urge to go beyond danger and fear to reach what is often believed unreachable.  I look at the sales profession in the same light.  No, you don’t face the danger that a test pilot or astronaut would have faced, but you do need the courage and belief that you can reach new heights by becoming a true “sales professional.” I want to define the term “sales professional” in this article.  I come across numerous sales people who want to be successful but struggle, often through no fault of their own.  Do you have “The Right Sales Stuff?” Let’s find out! Read More