construction worker looks at the buildings that surround him while building plans

Our Buildings Shape Us

Sometimes on my walk to work, I stop to stare up at the buildings around me. I’m always struck by the beauty of the architecture. Of course, standing there looking up, you have to be careful to not be struck by bird poop, but thankfully that’s seldom. But seriously, it’s amazing to think about how, even though we design and construct buildings, so often Our Buildings Shape Us. Continue reading “Our Buildings Shape Us”

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Visual Beings

Back in my days at Liebherr, I’d have customers calling complaining about photos we used in our marketing materials.  They’d get mad if the pieces of equipment looked “too clean” or “too photoshopped”. They wanted to see dirt and grit and action shots. We live in such a visual world. Media plays a big part in that, especially the Internet and the use of social media. With sites like Pinterest that allows followers to redesign their homes or man caves, or snapchat that provides a variety of wacky filters, our society has become reliant on a visual process. I feel like referencing Liebherr and Pinterest in the same paragraph is a crime against humanity. Continue reading “Visual Beings”

Co-op Advertising Creates Enormous Advantages for Equipment Dealers

It still surprises me when I come across a franchise dealer who is not fully utilizing his co-op advertising funds. To me, it’s the same thing as throwing half your paycheck in the trash. Co-op funds are earned by dealers. It’s not a present from the OEM. These funds are designed to help drive more leads that will convert to more sales. Continue reading “Co-op Advertising Creates Enormous Advantages for Equipment Dealers”

a kid holding a hammer

Kids Say the Darndest Things

Whether they pronounce a word incorrectly or use it in the wrong context, kids always seem to have perfect timing to make us laugh. Thanks to the internet and social media, these hysterical moments are turned into unforgettable images that hold a special place in all of our hearts. Even on the construction site, Kids Say the Darnedest Things!!  Continue reading “Kids Say the Darndest Things”

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Social Presence

“Social media is here; It’s not going away; it’s not a passing fad.”

Lori Ruff, social media influencer.

According to Hootsuite, there are over 3 billion internet users and 2 billion of them actively use social media. So why is there hesitation from some businesses to embrace it? Lindsey Wreggelsworth, Product Marketing Manager for Commercial Web Services says businesses’ resistance to developing a social presence is due to 3 common misconceptions: Continue reading “Social Presence”

desk with laptop, tablet, phone, and eye glasses

Digital Importance

When we talk about the importance of digital technology, some people think of improved communication, new channels for lead generation, and efficiency in the workplace. And some people start to feel so frustrated that their eyes start twitching. The extreme pace at which it seems technology leaps forward can definitely feel overwhelming. Yet the reality is that digital technology continues to transform how we purchase equipment, build projects, and manage teams. Understanding the importance of digital technology is quickly becoming a necessity to succeed in the industry. So take a big breath if you need to, and let’s dig deeper into this topic!!  Continue reading “Digital Importance”

woman construction worker smiles

Share Your Passion

“My father didn’t tell me how to live; he lived, and let me watch him do it.” – Clarence B. Kelland

This quote resonates with many in the construction industry who were “born to build.” Chris Fowler, owner of Artistic Pools, says “I remember sitting on my father’s lap, in a machine that’s 1,000 times bigger than me, and holding the joysticks hand-in-hand with him. To me, these are what my best memories look like.” For Chris, and so many others, an inherited, generational passion for construction overlaps into all aspects of life and family. Continue reading “Share Your Passion”

Knowing Your Audience

Know your audience” is such a broad phrase.  If you are talking to a marketer, it relates to acknowledging consumer identities, often through a variety of fancy metrics. If you are talking to a project manager, it may mean recognizing the work ethic and skills of employees at a job site. Regardless of your profession, knowing your audience can be a daunting task with so many different types of individuals in the world, each with their own unique style of communication.

Continue reading “Knowing Your Audience”

Building a Community

Houses are built, roadways are paved, and buildings are erected every day. But building a community isn’t quite so literal. To build a community is to embrace that community. Garrett Holden, President of MT Carter Contracting, understands that more than anyone. The company was created in honor of a fallen friend, Mark Carter. Mark was deployed with SEAL Team Six to Iraq when he lost his life fighting for our freedom. Mark gave his all, to our country and his team, and MT Carter Contracting uses his legacy as their continued inspiration. Continue reading “Building a Community”

hanging light bulb fixtures

A Business Deserves the Best

Being able to take ownership of the small details, like acknowledging when a coworker went out of their way to help you, is extremely important. The small details are beneath no one.  Often times, businesses concentrate only on the larger, more “significant,” profitable aspects and assume that this is what will garner success.
Continue reading “A Business Deserves the Best”