Extended OEM Specifications coming to Equipment Trader!

We’ll soon be providing some extended specification data to your listings on Equipment Trader.  This will similar to a VIN decoder in the sense that if you select a make/model combination we have data for, we’ll pre-populate a bunch of specification data for you.  This will ideally make it much quicker to create rich listings that provide the Visitors with all they need to make a decision to call or email you.
IMT Mobile v 2.0!

I’ve been talking about this for awhile and I want to share that we’ve been live with IMT Mobile 2.0 for over a month now!  In that time we’ve been ironing out some post-release tweaks and making sure some of our latest updates around MSRP and Upfits are available.  Here’s a feature list :

  • Push notifications for email or phone leads!  Get notified when you’ve received a phone call or email from us.
  • Respond to leads directly from the app.  Call someone back or email them back.
  • Scan VINs to pre-populate basic data.
  • Assign an Upfit to a VIN.
  • Edit any field for a listing, upload photos, & take video!

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