Fixed Ops Management is Vital

Having a manager whose main focus is absorption rates is necessary for dealerships. It’s so easy to lose points if there isn’t someone constantly keeping an eye on the ball. The main key to growing fixed ops is maintaining constant communication with your customer base.

Service and parts are the lifeline of most dealerships. The variability associated with unit sales requires stability from the service and parts team. A good manager will focus a great deal of time on training these teams to be customer service-oriented. A major component of this process is mining the data within your customer relationship management (CRM) system.

Good service managers understand that maintaining communication with customers is vital. These managers schedule alerts to remind them to contact customers at fixed intervals in order to bring them back into the dealership for scheduled maintenance and service. Building this relationship through communication is essential to growing the fixed ops side of the house.

Frequently, the difference between marginal and high absorption rates at the dealership is the quality of relationship the dealership has with its customers. When hiring your managers, look to those who are customer-focused.

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