Mexico Still Represents a Sales Opportunity for Equipment

There’s no doubt that relations with Mexico are strained right now. This past political cycle has spooked both manufacturers and dealers alike. There’s a great deal of uncertainty in what’s going to happen with policy and tariffs. Although that’s all true, it’s actually a really good time to export used equipment.

As of right now, nothing has changed. There are still numerous buyers in the Mexican market that are looking for used equipment. Some dealers and OEMs may be hesitant to focus on that market right now, which opens up opportunity for you to grow sales prior to any possible changes.

Also, don’t forget that “the wall” could represent an enormous sales and leasing opportunity for equipment. The scale of that project could be huge. Now is the time to grow your network to include contractors that are likely to be part of those projects. Getting in on that project on the ground floor could be a gigantic windfall for your dealership.

Remember that there’s always opportunity in uncertain markets. You just have to be smart about it and have a real long-term vision for your dealership.

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