8 Things to Consider When Buying an Ag Drone

It’s very likely that you’ve noticed that drones, once a hobby for a few enthusiasts, have become major tools across a number of industries. Today, construction drones survey and map job sites, military drones spy on enemy combatants, and delivery and cargo drones transport goods across increasing distances. And now drones are even found on our agricultural farms!

Ag drones not only capture photographs, but can also use sensors to track factors like crop health, the presence of insects, and irrigation levels. Some ag pros even use drones to engage in “precision farming,” where the drones accurately and efficiently plant seeds and spray crops, saving time and money, and reducing waste. The global market for drone-powered solutions in agriculture is already estimated to be at $32.4 billion, with 74% of U.S. farmers currently using or considering adopting drone technology to assess, monitor, and manage their farms.

The growing popularity of ag drones is why Equipment Trader has now opened up our online marketplace to include drones as an option for buying and selling. We’re so excited that today on our blog, we’re reviewing 8 things to consider when buying an ag drone!! Continue reading “8 Things to Consider When Buying an Ag Drone”