Equipment with Benefits: 7 Big Reasons to Rent

Equipment with Benefits: 7 Big Reasons to Rent

Renting equipment is an increasingly popular trend, including on Equipment Trader, where we’re seeing more inventory being rented on our marketplace than ever before. From construction and agriculture to landscaping and technical trades, renting equipment is an appealing option across industries for business owners and workers, who receive the benefits of machine use without having to make the commitment of buying and owning. So today, we’re breaking down 7 big reasons to rent equipment. Continue reading “Equipment with Benefits: 7 Big Reasons to Rent”

What is Lean Construction and How Can It Work For You??

There’s a long history in our industry of projects that push the limits of human achievement, break new ground in innovative ways, and support communities by providing necessary services. But we all know that in the midst of all that success, there are still projects that go over budget, over time, and, in some cases, leave clients somewhat less than happy. In the interest of ever-greater progress, there are new efforts to embrace lean construction techniques. Lean Construction brings heightened efficiency and culpability to construction projects, so that everyone involved can leave a project with greater satisfaction (and profit). Continue reading “What is Lean Construction and How Can It Work For You??”

4 Big-As-F Reasons to Buy Used Equipment

From replacing broken machines to expanding your business, there are many reasons why you may look to purchase equipment. At Equipment Trader, we always want to help our customers find the very best equipment for their lives and work! Our site carries both new and used machinery. For some buyers, shiny new products will be tempting, but for many, the best option will be used equipment. Why’s that? Glad you asked; we created this article specially to share the many benefits of used equipment! To make it memorable, we thought of a mnemonic device based on a certain letter… So keep reading to discover 4 Big-As-F Reasons to Buy Used Equipment!

Continue reading “4 Big-As-F Reasons to Buy Used Equipment”