Building Better Jobs: 6 Ways to Boost Recruitment & Retention

Even as the nation continues to struggle with high unemployment due to the COVID-19 pandemic, construction firms are still grappling with the ongoing labor shortage and recruitment shortfall. Over 80% of construction firms are having difficulty filling salaried and hourly craft positions.1 This leads to firms asking employees to work longer hours, struggling to meet deadlines, facing higher costs for new work, and turning down new projects.2 The stress this puts on overworked employees subsequently harms retention rates. For every 1 worker who enters the workforce, it’s estimated that 5 skilled employees are retiring.3 

It’s clear that construction has both recruitment and retention problems. So what can be done? Equipment Trader has collected 6 ideas for construction firms to improve the worker experience in order to boost retention and recruitment:

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Back to School: Teaching the Truth About Construction (Full Article)

Construction has a labor problem. By one estimate, for every 5 skilled workers who retire, there is only 1 new employee entering construction.1 A big contributing factor to this issue is that kids aren’t all that interested in joining the construction workforce. Among young Americans who have decided on a preliminary career path, only 3% express interest in construction and 63% say they’ll give the industry little or no consideration, regardless of pay.2 

Why aren’t young people interested in construction? Unfortunately, many people have antiquated perceptions about construction work and those who do that labor. If we want to keep our industry alive and thriving, we need to dispel those myths and misconceptions. That’s why Equipment Trader is using this post to take readers back to school, and teaching them the truth about construction. Continue reading “Back to School: Teaching the Truth About Construction (Full Article)”