Equipment with Benefits: 7 Big Reasons to Rent

Equipment with Benefits: 7 Big Reasons to Rent

Renting equipment is an increasingly popular trend, including on Equipment Trader, where we’re seeing more inventory being rented on our marketplace than ever before. From construction and agriculture to landscaping and technical trades, renting equipment is an appealing option across industries for business owners and workers, who receive the benefits of machine use without having to make the commitment of buying and owning. So today, we’re breaking down 7 big reasons to rent equipment. Continue reading “Equipment with Benefits: 7 Big Reasons to Rent”

3D-Printing in Construction: Major Breakthroughs and Benefits

The first 3D-printed building in Europe was recently completed, demonstrating the efficiency of 3D-printed construction. Printing the structure – referred to as the Building on Demand (BOD) – took less than 3 months!! The walls themselves took only 50 hours to print on-site in Copenhagen, Denmark. Now that is quick work!! Anticipated to be used for office or hotel space, the BOD is impressive in its own right, but also demonstrates the industry’s slow but certain turn towards 3D-printing for construction. That’s why today we’re looking at 3D-Printing in Construction: Breakthroughs and Benefits!! Continue reading “3D-Printing in Construction: Major Breakthroughs and Benefits”

Printing Your Project: How 3D Printing Helps Your Bottom Line

In the last few years, 3D printing has blown past the niche-interest stage and evolved into a pragmatic tool in many industries, including manufacturing and construction. The rapid progress of its use, from simple design and production to the manufacturing of complete structures and even buildings, speaks to the revolutionary nature of the technology. However, despite its ongoing boom in the industry, 3D printing remains an abstract mystery for many builders. So, today we want to help guide your understanding of 3D technology from futuristic innovation to a practical tool you could – and possibly should – one day utilize on your job sites!!
Continue reading “Printing Your Project: How 3D Printing Helps Your Bottom Line”