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11 Quick Tips for Renting Equipment

There are some big reasons to rent equipment, and the rental business is booming. But we haven’t yet discussed what it takes to make the best equipment rental decision. Well, that changes today!!

7 Quick Tips for Selling Used Equipment

On our website, there are millions of visitors browsing over 100,000 pieces of equipment from over 900 dealers – so it’s safe to say say we know a little bit about selling equipment!! Recently on the blog, we’ve been…

How to Evaluate Used Equipment Before Buying: Learning the History

Not only should you know the current state of a piece of pre-owned equipment, but you should also learn how the machine has been used and treated in the past…

How to Evaluate Used Equipment Before Buying: Inspecting the Machine

You’ll want to examine any piece of used equipment at every level, including mechanical and hydraulic, structural and in-cab, fluids and exhaust, and…

8 Quick Tips for Buying Used Equipment

At Equipment Trader, we always want to help our customers find the very best equipment for their lives and work! Our website carries a huge inventory of new and used equipment. While new is the right choice for some, there are many benefits to used. To help out…

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Develop A Leading Voice

Dynamic leaders seem to effortlessly inspire employees, guide organizations to success, and even revolutionize industries. However, most of us are kept busy with day-to-day deadlines, weather delays, machine malfunctions, or just filling out an invoice correctly the first time. So how, you ask, do you develop a leading voice in your own life, business and industry when you’re already hard at work? Read on!

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Our Buildings Shape Us

Sometimes on my walk to work, I stop to stare up at the buildings around me. I’m always struck by the beauty of the architecture…