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6 Tips for Taking the Lead in Equipment Sales

Success in equipment sales often comes down to small actions that place your dealership just ahead of the competition. Yet while the actions are small, the return in sales can be huge, which is why I refer to… Read More

Ability & Attitude: Qualities of the Most Successful Salespeople

As part of my sales-consulting and dealership-training work, I often interview candidates for job positions in equipment sales and management. In fact, I interview over 50 candidates every year, and – just like the insurance commercial says –… Read More

Skill & Will in Equipment Sales

I’m a big reader, averaging one book every two weeks. My topics are usually related to sales, customer service, leadership, or motivation. That may sound boring to some, but I consistently learn things that make me a better… Read More

Striking Gold: Cultivating Your Top Customers for Continued Success

The California Gold Rush may have ended over 160 years ago, but there is still gold to be found among your own customers. Every time I give a seminar or consult for a dealership, I’m asked, “What’s the… Read More

10 Tips for Building the Best Equipment Dealership Team

I get phone-calls and emails almost weekly from new commercial equipment salespeople. Many of them are near the end of a three- or six-month draw against commission and are looking for answers on how to survive when their… Read More

Scrappy Marketing on a Budget: Evaluating Email Campaign Success

Scrappy Marketing on a Budget: Create Referral Programs

In a highly competitive market, the struggle for exposure can be difficult and expensive, and sometimes your own resources aren’t available for a costly campaign blitz. This is why commercial dealership success requires a nimble-minded ability to think… Read More

How to Lose Equipment Sales

Yes, yes, I know the title sounds negative. Losing sales, after all, is a dealership’s worst nightmare. But talking about what NOT to do helps dealers identify mistakes to avoid and highlights the more productive solutions commercial salespeople… Read More

Warming Up Our Cold Calls

Warming Up Our Cold Calls

As the Fall season begins, soon we will be feeling a chill in the air and warming up with heavy coats and cups of hot chocolate or coffee (possibly pumpkin-spiced). However, warming up your cold calls should be…

Successful Selling: Creatively Getting Prospects to Visit Your Website

Welcome to Part 4 of our Successful Selling blog series, produced through a partnership between Commercial Web Services, Equipment Trader, and…

Successful Selling: How Technology Can Influence Sales Pitches

Welcome to Part 2 of our Successful Selling blog series, produced through a partnership between Commercial Web Services, Equipment Trader, and…

7 Steps for Creating a More Productive Equipment Sales Team

Many commercial sales managers can get caught in a dilemma I refer to as “the disparate sales team.” A disparate sales team includes both new and…

Forgotten Talents: Key Traits to Look for When Hiring at Your Dealership

Managers will often tell me about the “talent” and “potential” they see in an applicant or new hire. If that talent and potential work out, that’s great, but…