The Trade Show Paradox

Cranes are taking turns lifting gigantic rocks. Virtual reality headsets are transporting people to worksites around the world. Concrete trucks are spinning on the show room floor. Screens and signs are filled with fun, dynamic graphics. Business cards are exchanged for chances to win smart-tablets and gift-cards. And the Equipment Trader table is handing out our famous color-changing cups (yellow when warm, green when cold).

The scene of your typical trade show is pretty well known, but it also demonstrates a compelling and complicated paradox that we don’t always talk about, related to just how important the set-up of your booth really is. Continue reading “The Trade Show Paradox”

7 Quick Tips for Selling Used Equipment

From digital advertising and emerging technological tools, to customer service and business lessons we’ve learned over the past 20 years, the Equipment Trader blog strives to offer you lots of helpful information for selling your equipment. If you’re familiar with us, you know that Equipment Trader exists to bring buyers and sellers together. On our website, there are millions of visitors browsing over 100,000 pieces of equipment from over 900 dealers – so it’s safe to say say we know a little bit about selling equipment!! Recently on the blog, we’ve been discussing buying used equipment, so now seemed like the perfect time to cover 7 Quick Tips for SELLING Used Equipment! Continue reading “7 Quick Tips for Selling Used Equipment”

8 Quick Tips for Buying Used Equipment

At Equipment Trader, we always want to help our customers find the very best equipment for their lives and work! Our website carries a huge inventory of new and used equipment. While new is the right choice for some, we’ve previously identified 4 Big-As-F Reasons to Buy Used Equipment. To help out with your used purchases, today we’ve assembled 8 Quick Tips for Buying Used Equipment!! Continue reading “8 Quick Tips for Buying Used Equipment”