Listing Your Equipment Price Matters

We can’t quite figure out why some dealers don’t include pricing in their online listings. Consumers are much more likely to become hard leads and actual buyers if they can get more information about a product early on. Before making an online purchase especially, today’s buyers like to do almost all of their research and come as close as possible to making a decision before they ever reach out to a dealer. In fact, many consumers simply skip over listings that don’t include all of the relevant information they need to make their decision. In other words, customers are ignoring listings without pricing details. Continue reading “Listing Your Equipment Price Matters”

4 Factors to Consider Before Buying Used Truck Scales

Industries from construction and agriculture to logistics and transportation use various truck scales for diverse weighing needs. However, paying a small fortune for new equipment — or paying frequent rent that keeps adding up — might not be feasible for many businesses. The trick is to find the right truck scale that doesn’t break the bank, but still offers a superior weighing solution. Continue reading “4 Factors to Consider Before Buying Used Truck Scales”

8 Quick Tips for Buying Used Equipment

At Equipment Trader, we always want to help our customers find the very best equipment for their lives and work! Our website carries a huge inventory of new and used equipment. While new is the right choice for some, we’ve previously identified 4 Big-As-F Reasons to Buy Used Equipment. To help out with your used purchases, today we’ve assembled 8 Quick Tips for Buying Used Equipment!! Continue reading “8 Quick Tips for Buying Used Equipment”

Economic Uncertainty Can Be Good For Rental Business

With all of the upheaval in Washington right now, I’ve heard from many dealers who say that they’re nervous about what all of this mess is going to do to the construction industry. But some dealers remain unconcerned, because they know that businesses can still grow by focusing on products and services that align with customers new needs and concerns. Focusing on your rental business is one smart way to accomplish this. Continue reading “Economic Uncertainty Can Be Good For Rental Business”

Take Advantage of Big Months for Equipment Sales

Over the past three years, we have seen a sharp uptick in construction equipment purchases in December. It’s the time of year when a business’s accountant wants the owner to take advantage of the tax code and exemptions and refunds for equipment purchases. Dealerships that desire to take advantage of this seasonal spike in potential buyers need to begin marketing now, before decisions are finalized. Continue reading “Take Advantage of Big Months for Equipment Sales”