Protect Your Equipment with VROOM & SCREECH (Infographic)

The construction industry loses $1 billion every year due to equipment theft, and 83% of equipment owners have been the victim of theft. It’s a huge problem, but whether your worksite is home to excavators or forklifts, there are steps you can take to keep your equipment protected. We’ve collected some of the top equipment security tips and put them into one handy infographic – take a look! Continue reading “Protect Your Equipment with VROOM & SCREECH (Infographic)”


The Chicago Cubs. The Solomon Islands. The LA Lakers. A Round Trip to the Moon. What do these all have in common? They could be bought for about $1 billion. Also, $1 billion is the revenue lost nationwide each year due to theft of construction equipment and tools, according to the National Insurance Crime Bureau. A study from LoJack in 2014 found that 83% of equipment owners have been victims of theft at some point in their careers. What can be done?? Continue reading “Think VROOM & SCREECH”